Volunteer benefits from specialist equipment

Volunteer benefits from specialist equipment

Dawn Sharlotte has worked as a voluntary administrator for over two years, giving two full days per week to the ALDS based at the Queen Street Centre in Grimsby. The small admin team which Dawn works for supports a much larger team consisting of Physiotherapists, Nurses, Health and Wellbeing Coordinators and Behaviour Support Workers to name a few.

Dawn has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user which would sometimes mean that working at a standard desk was a struggle. Dawn’s manager, Keren Lucas applied for funding from the CPG Charitable Trust in order to purchase a wheelchair accessible office desk so that Dawn could carry out her work with more ease.

Keren said:
“Dawn is an extremely valuable member of the ALDS team who carries out all administrative tasks to an extremely high standard and is now able to continue doing so thanks to the help of the CPG Charitable Trust.”

The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust is there to help the whole community of North East Lincolnshire. This could be an individual or a group. It is open to people currently receiving care or services from Care Plus Group or those who have not had any dealings with us before. Grants are available from £100 to £500. To find out if you are eligible please visit www.careplusgroup/charity

If you would like to help us make a difference in our community please consider fundraising or a donation to the Care Plus Group Charitable Trust.


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