Charitable Trust helps adults with literacy and numeracy

Charitable Trust helps adults with literacy and numeracy

The money has allowed the YMCA to purchase specific equipment, books and games to be used to deliver basic reading and maths sessions for residents to give them the skills to live independently. The funds have been used to purchase a wide range of items including ipads, basic adult reading books, Scrabble, Boggle, analogue clocks for learning to tell the time and reading glasses where these are needed.

Caroline Spence, Training and Engagement Lead at YMCA Humber said:
“These items will help us support people who cannot or have not accessed learning previously. We’re really grateful to the Care Plus Group Charitable Trust for all the support as this will help so many people at so many different times. In terms of the games, people will not even realise they are revisiting their literacy and numeracy skills when they are taking part.”

Neil Cartwright, Trustee of the Care Plus Group Charitable Trust said:
“It’s brilliant that we’re able to help the YMCA with these items. They know better than anyone what the needs of their residents are and what materials would be useful for them so when they submitted an application we were more than happy to support it.”

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